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Do you have any experience in pyrography? Answered


My name is Nicole and I am an Industrial Design student from San Jose State University. I am currently working on a product redesign project for pyrography, specifically for the tool (i.e. solid-point burner). At this time I am conducting general research and collecting firsthand interviews with people (of any skill level) who have done pyrography.

I have copied and pasted my questionnaire to this, and I would greatly appreciate any contribution.


San Jose State University – Industrial Design – Visualization III: Ergonomics/Human Factors

Experience Level in Pyrography: (Please choose one, beginner, advanced, or professional)

1.      How did you become interested in pyrography?
2.      Do you do pyrography recreationally or professionally?
3.      How do you choose your pyrography projects?
4.      If professionally, how many hours do you work a day?
(You may skip this question if it does not apply)
5.      How much time do you spend working on a project?  About how many hours a day?
6.      Where do you do your pyrography? Please be specific.
(For example, if at home, where in your home?)
7.      What does your work area consist of?
(For example, what kind of table and chair do you use? What kind of lighting?)
8.      What are your essential tools ready at your work area?
9.      Are there any DIY tools you have made? If so, what are they and what are they used for?
10.  Do you have any specific safety equipment? What kind of safety precautions do you practice?
11. What is your process of cleaning up? What do you use?
12. Do you have any injuries that affect you while working? If so, please describe.
13. What kind of tool do you use? (Please name the brand and model)
14. Do you have any specific complaints about the tool you are using?
15. If you could create a wishlist to make the perfect tool what would they be?

Thank you for taking time out to participate in my survey. I truly value the information you have provided. Your responses are vital in helping me with my research for redesigning pyrography tools.


Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

6 years ago




I became interested in wood burning because I wanted to make gun stalks more astatically attractive.

By the piece I am upgrading.

It varies no more than a week.

Outside or in the garage the smoke detector doesn’t like it.

Full sun or bright lights chair workbench vice and tool post for steading my hand.

I do too many things to have any dedicated work aria or tools at the ready.
But for wood burning everything I already mentioned and an iron.

Other than safety glasses and a fire extinguisher no.

A broom.

Yes I am visually impaired (blind).

A soldering iron with interchangeable tips the name starts with a W.




Answer 6 years ago

Hello Joe,

Thank you for taking the time to fill out my survey :)



6 years ago

This is a topic better suited for the Forums.


Answer 6 years ago

Okay, I will re-post it. Thank you.


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