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Do you know a source for chair glides that can be used for the emco ( good form) aluminum chair? Answered

The chair legs are 1 inch square with a 5/8 to 3/4 inch hole in the bottom. The original glides were metal and were held in by a compressible rubber gromett. The only chair glides I have seen made today are metal inserts for square or round chairs with a screw in metal glide. I wonder what replacement type would be most suitable for these chairs



9 years ago

Chair Glides and Furniture feet can be a challenge to replace. There are literally hundreds of different sizes and styles available. The 1 inch square outside tube dimension is common and you should have several styles of Chair Glide to choose from.

Here is a source with a complete selection of Glides:

www, myeasyparts.com

Try posting a request on their forum and you can get specifics about the item that will work.


10 years ago

You can stick tennis balls on the tips. All the chair replacement slides I order come either from Grainger (grainger.com) or Promaco.