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Do you really think that it is possible ? Answered

To build a suit like IRONMAN'S, Does the technology really exist and how would you begin and what kind a CAD software would you use to begin the design,To build an ARCH Reactor period let alone miniturize it? Does an ARCH reactor even exist or is it just a clever part of the comic book story line? And what about a repulsive ray? Does the techology exist , is it even feasible? Ad what about the head-up display that was in the suit ,and could it be hooked to a satellite computer for ground to air GPS, and how would you write the code for the software to hardware that does as of yet exist?




10 years ago

The arc reactor is considered to be a fictionalized version of nuclear fusion - right now we've got 'a couple seconds' of unsustainable fusion power...using a huge facility and thousands of scientists.
It takes gigantic energy input to get started, and once started, you have to contain a multi-million degree fireball of pure plasma...full scale is verging on pipedream (but getting closer). miniatureize is even more unlikely... :D

repulsive ray? other than physical jets of matter, and magnetic repulsion, there's not much in the way of this concept, however cool it would be...

Heads up displays with tactical info, as well as contextual info like false horizons have been around for a long time - pilots use them (think attack helicopter).

Powered exoskeletons are as of a few months ago actually on the market - for about 10 grand you can own a suit that will sense you moving and make you stronger. They are also used to help rehabilitate/mobilize patients after injuries/paralysis.

One trouble I had was with the 'rocket' engines in his feet that are powered by the arc reactor - which seemingly outputs electricity. There are personal jetpacks available - they used <guessing> around 50 pounds of fuel in 20 seconds then they're shot. (gives you an idea of the amount of energy necessary) Sustained flights are just not plausible from any human-carryable power source. a 200 pound (90kg) person with equipment would take over 800 newtons of force to levitate, more to actually get altitude. ((90 kg) * 9.81 (m / (s2)) = 882.9 newtons)

presume a levitating object is exerting the same force as gravity downward to counter gravity and not move, it's got to exert the same acceleration as gravity...which is 9.81m/s2...so each second it will 'move' 9.81 meters...technically (I know its breaking the system since the wearer doesnt actually move, but the work is exerted on the exhaust gasses, which do move)...so anyhoo
work = force x distance == 882.8 newtons x 9.81 meters (in the first second, as per G) = 8661 joules / second...which works out conveniently to 8661 watt-seconds/second, or 8661 watts...
to levitate...this is a 10000 watt generator, hardly the size of an arc reactor.


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You should get best answer just for the effort you put in there :) Made for an interesting read.


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I hope so. I cherish my high school physics from a decade ago.