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Does 2x 3 month pro equal 6 month pro if I cash it in at once? Answered


Sorry if the question is not clear. But I'm sitting on some 3 month pro memberships I earned.

One I'm going to use in a mini contest I'll start soon but the other one I want to use for my own.

My own pro membership will expire in september and I want to lengthen it.

But if I use the code for myself now (01/08/10) will robot know that he has to count the 3 month extra from september (expiring end november) or will he see it as if my 3 months start now and forget about the two months I still have left (expiring end oktober)?

Also how long do these coupons stay valid. I don't want them to expire. I'd rather give them both away so that someone can have pro membership :)


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