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Does 5V in a ATX PSU give 2A? Answered

Looking for a power supply for my USB Hub, and I think I might found it. My PSU in my computer has 5V and 2A for VSB and another one with 5V and 25A. So my question is: does a Molex or floppy connector give 5V and 2A? Any power issues connecting this to my hub?



10 years ago

A power supply from a computer has all of its 5V outputs hooked up in parallel. Therefore any one of them should work for your project. However, you should be aware of the fact that while your power supply might say that it can give up to 25 amps, it is already under load from all of the other components. If you plan on installing any major power sucking upgrades, be sure to see if your power supply can handle it. The easiest way to do this is to see how many Watts each of your components requires (it should say on their boxes or in their instruction manuals). Add the numbers up and compare the number to the maximum number of Watts that your power supply can give. Then, see if you have enough power to hook up your upgrade. Note that the more power that you draw, the shorter the life of the power supply. A 500W power supply providing 300 Watts will last longer than the same power supply providing 480 Watts. Of course, none of this matters for the USB hub that you want to add. Any of the 5V outputs will work. If you have any more questions - feel free to ask.