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Does Anyone have an old .10 or .15 size nitro airplane engine?? Answered

Hello, I am a fourteen year old young man who is new into the world of R/C airplanes and am wondering if anyone has an old .10 or .15 size nitro airplane engine laying around that I could have. I have built my own airplane out of foam board with a 28 inch wingspan and an 18 inch fuselage. It has servos and control lines leading to the elevator and rudder. Built to be a 3 Channel but can easily be made to be a 4. Also wondering if anyone has any clevises or control horns and random parts like that. I can provide pics of my plane upon request. Also looking for 3 or 4 channel radio and receiver. I have Max O.S. 60cc that can be offered as partial trade.
I live in Little Rock Arkansas.Thanks Everyone!!!


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