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Does Hot Glue Like To Swim? Answered

Is hot glue a good choice for a fix that will be exposed to water? Thanks!



Best Answer 3 years ago

It kind of depends on the temperature of the water and the material you are bonding it to. If it is plastic, you are probably fine? I know that people have waterproofed electronics by encasing them in hot glue. For any other material (except fabric) you will most likely want to use a silicone based adhesive. Silicone can stand up to temperature shifts and permeate all kinds of surfaces. I don't talk about silicone adhesives in this class, because it can be temperamental to work with, and is really specifically designed to stand up to water - think fish tank repairs.

Let me know if this helps, if not you can provide me more details about the materials you are trying to mend and I'll try and help you come up with a solution.

:D Happy Gluing!