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Does The Guitar Hero LED MOD work also with the Wireless Guitar? Answered

The question is is there enough voltage for the LED`S just out of the battery`s?



10 years ago

Sorry for late reply..sry
So what do you mean with "modification"? Could you explain a bit for me what your thoughts on this are? You know some made it with the wireless guitar?

And i got another question, do you know if the buttons from the old wired guitar are the same as the Les Paul guitar buttons? Just to know...

The Led`s i want to use work with 2,1V up to 3.4V cause of the colour. Working with 30.000mcd--enough?
So if the Les Paul works with 4.5V i think i have to solder a fuse on each led, is this right???? Or is it ok to solder them directly cause of max. Voltage of each led?
Yes i know many questions...sry

Greets Modmate


10 years ago

The wired one works around 5 volts...the wireless is only around 4.5 volts (aa x 3), so it might need modification, but it should be similar.