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Does This Make a Good Movie? Answered

I've been making up movie titles over the past few months, one of them is called London's Nightmare. It features JK Rowling's Big 7 & some of their families, who actually play themselves in it.

It is about a psycotic serial killer who chooses 7 indeviduals to survive a series of grusome & horrifying events. They must fight & avoid ther way through the terrifying & 'paranormal' death traps, enemies & all in order to save London from the horrific nighmare it suffers in the hands of the madness.



7 years ago

There is cereal and serial, what cerial is I don't know, but you've got imagination and I support that.
Answer: Yes, if you get professionals to do everything else for you.



7 years ago

Well personally I wouldn't watch it and JK would sue for the use of her characters.