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Does a hair dryer get hot enough to thermoform craft foam? Answered

Trying to make armor here, and I haven't worked with foam much. I've got a set design that I want, already worked out and finished in hard clay. Seen a couple people thermoform foam here, and they used a heat gun or the oven. Could I use my mom's blow dryer?



7 years ago

I've never tried it but I doubt that a hair dryer will work. In the end you will end up holding it too close and impeed the airflow which will overheat the hair dryer and burn it out. Then your mother will be very mad at you.

You can model some foams by using spray paint.  The solvent in some spray paints will dissolve the foam.  It's hard to control but may be usable with practice.


7 years ago

Best by far - are simple hand tools.

A bread knife cuts foam easily

Saws, files and sand paper for other work.

Heat is VERY hard to control except as a hot wire cutter.

Mind your fingers!