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Does any one know how to couple a fine thread 6mm bolt to a non-metric one of approximately the same diameter? Answered

I am trying to construct a bike powered blender and need to build a new drive shaft for it. I have plenty of threaded rod to use for the drive shaft, however it is all English and the head of the drive shaft, the piece that locks into the base of the blender and spins the blade, is threaded to fit a 6mm fine thread bolt, of which I've found a short one, but what I really really!! need to be able to do is connect the threaded metric bolt to an English threaded rod. Thanks



10 years ago

Find a nice friendly local model engineer - the guys who make steam engines and things. They'll be able to make you a sleeve with a fine thread in one end and your other thread in the other. Steve


Answer 9 years ago

Or, you could just use metal epoxy inside a section of metal tubing....just a suggestion....;.)