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Does anybody know how to make grieves/gauntlets/vambraces out of cardboard? Answered

I need help on making a grieves/gauntlets/vambraces or anything that fits that description out of cardboard. My project consists of a armor-like arm that runs the entire length of my arm. Also, I need to know how to add 'adjustment straps' or anything of the sort to the piece. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you, Jehosephat



Best Answer 10 years ago

www.arador.com/ has plans for some types of armor, the ideas and patterns could be used for cardboard.

http://armorgeek.com/Projects.aspx Scroll down for leather arms, shoulders and half-gauntlets. Solid cardboards can act like leather, but tears much more easily, so plan re-enforcement of all holes. Do something like covering the area with duct tape before cutting the holes.

Somewhere on http://www.sengokudaimyo.com/katchu/katchu.html there are (or were) instructions on making japanese armor from cardboard and plaster as a display.

Start by making the basic moving parts, then add all the decoration after that works. Don't forget that you will need to hold the armor on you body, probably a strap that goes around your opposite side.


Answer 10 years ago

Sorry, missed the last part of your post. I think that the armor geek site had a strap system for single shoulder armor...maybe not. If you can't find it directly, look at how an armpit gun holster is strapped on-it's a very similar problem.


10 years ago

THey answered your question I just wanted to complement you on your drawing.