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Does anybody know how to make various Chinese knots? Answered

I'm particularly interested in the PanChang (?) knot; the square looking one. (http://www.trinitylondon.com/images/knot-pan-chang.jpg)



11 years ago

Instructions for the pan chang from a Korean site http://www.knots.or.kr/maedup/knots/man/maedup/man_maedup04.htm
Instructions for the pan chang from Middlesex County Cultural & Heritage Commision in New Jersey http://www.co.middlesex.nj.us/culturalheritage/chineseknotting/panchang.html
Instructions for the pan chang from Gwen Powell, a Handweaver's Guild of America member http://www.mresource.com/sites/FiberArts/html/COEPart2/panchangknot.htm

Each of these sites have instructions for many other knots as well. Instructions for a variety of other Chinese knots can be found at http://www.chineseknotting.org/, and knots in general at http://www.igkt.net/ and youtube.