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Does anybody know of an antivirus for windows server 2000? Answered

I need this for a computer that is running windows server 2000 as a terminal server. It would be preferable if this antivirus was free or atleast had a free trial. Thanks for any ideas.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Most of the common home type antiviruses are smart enough to tell what OS it is that they are being installed on. So when it does a check the Server software reports back that it is a server, then most of the antiviruses will give you an error message that they are not meant for installing on a server and that you need something like an enterprise version (Software lingo for BIG bucks) A lot of software does this, including things like Nortons partition magic, even though they would run just fine on it the company figures that if you can afford a server then you should be able to afford the special software that it requires, even though the special part about the software is that its a lot more expensive. In their defense most server programs are tested more extensively to try and make them more crash proof. Since a server can run for months without being rebooted having a program that messes up and requires a reboot could bring an entire network down. This of course makes things difficult for the small person, who does not have a corporate budget and just wants to learn how to use the stupid thing.
So, you will have this happen even if your using it for a home network that only has a few computers on it.
Some things to try --- A trial version that will let you run it for a period before having to pay for it.
An older version of software from someone in a IT department that has changed to the latest version. The older versions are usually just thrown out since they have no value to them. But since you have an older server version, an older software version would be just fine. I have seen this type of stuff for sale on eBay so you might check there.
Another possibility is that you might find an antivirus that does not care if your running it on a server.
(And, by the way, Acronis software used to run on servers with no problem, I don;t know if they have changed that, but I used their stuff to resize partitions that Microsoft claimed could not be done. It worked perfectly and I have bought their software ever since.) So, download and try some of the smaller programs like Panda, and see if it will work.


8 years ago

Comodo might work... I really like it for home PCs... not sure if it will work on windows server... but it's worth a try! :)



Answer 8 years ago

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried Comodo on windows server 2000. After I double click on the file it extracts, but after it extracts I get the following error

The procedure entry point FindActCtxSectionStringW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll

I am thinking maybe it can't find that file because it is not present in this operating system. I would appreciate any help.


Answer 8 years ago

In that case I would assume it just isn't compatible with servers. I've never tried it with servers, so I was just guessing. I think that microsoft also has antivirus software (I think it's called microsoft security essentials, but I'm not sure.) I've heard that it works pretty good. Again, I've never used it on a server... I have only worked with it once before a few years back.

Sorry comodo didn't work... good luck in finding some software! :)