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Does anybody out there have the PIN OUT for the printer port on a NEC Versa Txi laptop? Answered

Somebody gave me this Versa Txi laptop , it has a small connector on the side for the printer, I would like to use the machine for experimenting with controls, using the parallel port, unfortunately i did not get the printer cable. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


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11 years ago

This datasheet is from here.

Pin # Pin Name Pin Description and Function
1 /STROBE Strobe
2 D0 Data Bit 0
3 D1 Data Bit 1
4 D2 Data Bit 2
5 D3 Data Bit 3
6 D4 Data Bit 4
7 D5 Data Bit 5
8 D6 Data Bit 6
9 D7 Data Bit 7
10 /ACK Acknowledge
11 BUSY Busy
12 PE Paper End
13 SEL Select
14 /AUTOFD Autofeed
15 /ERROR Error
16 /INIT Initialize
17 /SELIN Select In
18 GND Strobe Ground
19 GND Data bit 1 and 2 Ground
20 GND Data bit 3 and 4 Ground
21 GND Data bit 5 and 6 Ground
22 GND Data bit 7 and 8 Ground
23 GND Busy and Fault Ground
24 GND Paper out, Select, and Acknowledge Ground
25 GND AutoFeed, Select input and Initialize Ground