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Does anyone Know how to make a Loss Proof Zippo Lighter as seen here http://www.google.com/imgres?q=loss proof zippo?? Answered


Father Christmas

Best Answer 7 years ago


I did this myself to a few Zippos. Works rather well.

Thank You so much for your Help! Ive lost two Zippos recently that were very special to me. I have 30 because i am a collector but these two both had deep sentimental value. Hopefully this will prevent any more unfortunate losses. Thanks for the Help! I cant do much in return but if you have a question about Zippos Hit me up and Ill tell you the answer or try my best to get the correct answer back! Till Next time.


7 years ago

The URL you provided didn't work, but from the ones I found in a search, it looks like the hinge pin has been removed and swapped with something like a "D" ring. That would allow you to add a paracord or a string of some sort.

(If that's not what you intended to show with the URL, then edit your question and upload an image, or put the url in the details part of your question, versus the question line itself).


Answer 7 years ago

Thanks for the Help! The URL Father Christmas provided is what I was looking for, but thanks for bothering to read and help to answer my question. till next time.