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Does anyone from the UK want to go in on an oshchip - the mbed compatable processor board with bluetooth? see link & text for more details. Answered


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Hi all.

I have decided to place an order for the oshchip (as mentioned in the title. But as the shipping is $35 to the uk - I thought I would try and split the shipping among any other UK dwellers.

what my plan is: gauge interest on this subreddit and maybe others. Based on the number of people interested get a quote from the oshchip.org shop (we may be able to get a bulk discount - so savings can get back to you.)

So that we can all be honest - once I have a quote, my plan is to set up an ebay page with a buy it now option. This gives you protection - as ebay / paypal is very buyer friendly.

Orders from Ebay will then allow me to pay oshchip to send me the product - and as soon as I have it - I can send to you via recordered delivery (for my protection). http://www.royalmail.com/sites/default/files/Royal-Mail-UK-and-international-parcel-and-letter-prices-30-March-2015.pdf The prices for that are above. I should be able to fit 1-2 programmer/debug boards in a large evelope plus plenty of the OSHchips.

Feel free to ask any questions - but bare in mind I check Reddit more than I check the instructables forum.


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5 years ago

You haven't gotten any answers here, but I would suggest that, if the device is so good, and you can sell them for a reasonable profit on ebay, why not go ahead anyway? You'll get people searching ebay who do not browse these forums.