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Does anyone have a great Pork Tamales recipe, preferably with photograph instructions? Answered

I already know how to make tamales, but I don't care for the deep red tamales. The pork tamales I prefer usually have an orangish to brownish hue in the meat. Also, I steam my tamales, but would also like to be able to do the boiling version, but have been unsuccessful. Have any of you tried the rice steamers for steaming? Thanks!



9 years ago

The color depends on the chilis used...and they are roasted. The sauce will be red but the juice permeated the masa and much of the color is bled away from the meat. When you reserve the pork juices to use in the masa, you need to mix a bit of the chili sauce in as well...just a bit for flavoring. I perfer mine without, but many people add it in. The rice steamers are too shallow...since the tamales are cooked standing on end for several hours. I use a large tuna can (perforated) on the bottom of a tall stock pot and a veggie steamer atop...that gives me several inches for the water.

The stuffing can be anything really. Tamales Dulce can be filled with corn, strawberries...whatever tickles your fancy. I've used buffalo, rabbit and deer...all of them delicious.


9 years ago


Not sure, it seems once you have the tamale itself down, you can stuff with whatever you want...


Answer 9 years ago

This is a link to a really good instructable.