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Does anyone have the Paul elkins airstream bike camper plans? Answered

I watched his youtube video '$150 bike camper' it says there's downloadable plans for it but clicking on the link just says the site doesn't work, do the plans still exist somewhere? I really wanna build that, so if anyone has the plans or knows where I can find them, let me know, please and thanks


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Well, I am guessing you are asking about Youtube video id, "/watch?v=ZiejAhol4Ps"

I am not going to link to it, but the interested reader can type the full URL and go watch it.

There is blurb in description which reads, "Downloadable plans:" which points to this URL:

At the time of this writing, all I see at that URL is lame message, which reads,

"Hey this is Paul Elkins. I'm working on the new website. Please check back soon."

However, if you use archive.org to search for its archived versions of the same page, e.g.


you will discover there used to be a web page there, and Paul was selling these plans, for 10, 15, 20 USD, typically. If you go look at those archived pages, you can see for yourself what the asking price was, for the plans in which you are interested.

Also there was an email address there, if you want to try to reach him using that address. The following is a quote, from the top of that archived page, from 2016:

After completing your transaction, PAYPAL will take you to a page with a highlighted area that reads:

(Return to paulwelkins@yahoo.com)
THIS is your PDF down-load link. Click on it. Be patient. Depending on the size, the file may take a few minutes to download.

If something goes wrong PLEASE contact me (paulwelkins@yahoo.com). Include your Transaction number and a short explanation.

After contacting me, I will send the link within 24 to 48 hours.

Thank you, and don’t forget to send me pictures. I’ll include them on this website. "