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Does anyone have the plans for creating an electric battleship game? Answered

I am looking for directions showing how to build a basic electric battleship game.
Nothing fancy.    Something you might picture in Popular Mechanics or Handyman. 


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11 years ago

Best suggestion I've got is a keyboard encoder setup. Each ship space needs a pair of contacts so it acts as a switch, closed when the ship is present. Each switch connects through a diode to one wire (row) and directly to another wire (column). Pulsing each row wire in turn reads out the occupied spaces on the column wires.

Feed the row and column wires to the opposing player's "radar" board as well. On this side, use LEDs rather than simple diodes, and have the column signal turn on a transistor that _grounds_ the corresponding row wire. Again, a pin in the appropriate hole closes the connection between row and column. The result is that IF pins are in the right places in both sides, that spot on the radar screen will light up when its row is pulsed.

A simple shift-register, fed from a clock circuit, could do the "radar sweep". If it's fast enough the matching-pin LEDs will appear to be on more-or-less continuously, though dimly, but slower might be reminiscent of old-style radar scans and might be fun in its own right. (With more work, you could arrange things so the sweep went around the board in a circular fashion., of course.)

Personal reaction: FAR too much work to be worth the effort, when it's trivial to do in software. Especially since Battleship is a pretty lousy game anyway; there really isn't much strategy to it.