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Does anyone here have experience with software "College Algebra Solved"? Answered

I'm taking College Algebra online and would really like some help with my homework and tests. I don't have a graphing calculator as the one I need is fairly expensive so I have to do everything by hand which takes FOREVER. Seriously it's the only reason I hate math. So I found this software called College Algebra Solved. It claims to answer the problems and gives a step by step for you as well. The one thing I hate about software like this is you can't demo it before you buy it. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with this software because honestly all I really want is this thing to answer my questions for me with little effort on my part. I know it's lazy but isn't that what technology is for anyways? I mean would you call using the toilet lazy because you don't want to dig a hole in your backyard? So, anyone, will this software relieve me of the long tedious drawn out work of solving my College Algebra problems by hand? Does anyone have real experience using this software?