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Does anyone know and easy automatic way to track and measure the xy movement of fruit flies on a video clip? Answered

I have some lo -res videos of fruit flies lying in a wind tunnel. Im wondering if there is an easy way to automatically track the movement of these flies frame to frame?  Possibly using free software such as imagej.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Lab View has hardware and software to track eye pupils, a fruit fly can not be radically different.


8 years ago

I doubt there's anything off-the-shelf, but t isn't too hard to write a program to do it. Capture images at whatever frame rate your video system is capable of. If you have a simple all-white background, just look for the black dot in the field and track it from frame to frame. If the background is more complicated, take successive images and subtract one from the other, looking for the pixels which have changed significantly and thus represent motion (as opposed to lighting variation), and track their location from frame to frame.