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Does anyone know how I might be able to create a pad with a few characters that connects to a normal keyboard for games? Answered

I want to be able to press a button on a little pad, like a WOW keyboard with programmable buttons, but they don't have to be programmable, I just want to have the important keyboard characters bunched up together. Can I do this with a breadboard, a keyboard, and some buttons?

That will work perfectly, I never thought of looking up Guitar Hero.



Best Answer 9 years ago

i would just copy this design, but without the guitar



9 years ago

Why not just use a macro? Then you can assign functions to any keys you want on your keyboard, like the number pad or the arrow keys or any keys you choose.
Here is a tutorial I have used in the past::
You have to download a program but its free and works as advertised.


Answer 9 years ago

Well I was actually just trying to figure out a way to combine the teachings of the instructables; FPS arcade style gun; DIY Pistol (fps) Mouse; and Yet Another Stupid Dance Pad; To make a combo foot pad for movement, and the gun for shooting and then putting some buttons on the gun for reloading and whatnot, and they weren't very specific on how to do the keyboard buttons to the mouse.


It'll move like the DIY Mouse and have the buttons of the arcade mouse. I'm confused as to how the buttons on the mouse and dance pad will hook up to the keyboard. What I wrote above I thought people would be more likely to know the how-to, and I could just enlarge it.

Thank You.

PS: Maybe I'll make an instructable of my amazingly awesome machine?