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Does anyone know how much weight can 1" OD PVC pipe can handle? Thank you in advance. Answered

Im thinking of making a canoe and kayak stand out of PVC. The stand would look like a modifyed 'H' with the top span enclosed as well. The cross memebers would be approx. 36" long. The weight of the canoe is around 75 lbs. and the kayak weighs 47 lbs. All of the weight will be distributed over 3 H frames spanning 8'.


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11 years ago

Well standard Schedule 40 PVC with 1.050" OD is called 3/4", and has a burst rating of 480 PSI. That will be approximately the "crushing" pressure limit (take a factor of two for safety.

However, for your application you are probably going to be more concerned about the flexibility of the pipe, and the moment load (torque) at the joints.

If you really want to do a load analysis, you should probably get some basic mechanical engineering textbooks or visit a good engineering Web site, like http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/ or http://www.efunda.com.

Since these sorts of stands have been made out of PVC before, you could just go with it and see how it works.