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Does anyone know how to add internal speakers to a 1st generation ipod touch? Answered



7 years ago

Lets say you did open it up and managed to find a place to place the speaker and put it in line with the headphone jack. How load do you think that speaker will be? Even with the iPod turned all the way up are your headphones load enough to be heard clearly when not on your head? So you'll need some sort of small audio amp to help that speaker and you sure won't find a place to mount that without major mods to the case.

Like bwrussell suggest a case that has a good speaker and small amp integrated into it that plugs into the headphone jack may be your best option.


Answer 7 years ago

First go about making your prototype. Get the electronics together and working. Then see what you can do to make everything smaller and more compact. Then you can start looking for ways of putting it all into an enclosure. Then go about finding ways to attach that enclosure to the iTouch. Whatever method that may be. If you have access to a 3D printer you could always design an enclosure to clips onto the back of the iTouch. One that uses the headphone jack to help hold the case to the iTouch. Or you may just have to keep it in a small enclosure that sits off to the side of the iTouch or Velcro it to the back of the iTouch.

Have you looked around at the various portable speaker systems out there?


7 years ago

I doubt very much that this is feasible. Besides opening and modifying the case you would have to figure out how to wire the speaker into the current hardware, then probably modify the software to use the speaker when headphones aren't plugged in.

A much better option would be to create/modify a case for it that has a speaker built in that interfaces through the audio jack, or bluetooth if the gen 1's have it.


7 years ago

I know two people who don't.