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Does anyone know how to cleanly open a Hammer "morespace" 1 TB external disk drive case? Thanks in advance!? Answered

As stated in the question, I have the external 1 TB morespace disk drive by Hammer Storage. I have found 2 screws on the case under warranty stickers. I would like to open this case up, hopefully without totally destroying it, b/c I need to convert this drive to an internal drive on a Linux Box. Thanks in advance!



9 years ago

I did the following to my 1tb morespace external and it worked like a charm, no damage at all.

Their are two  small stickers one that says "Warranty Void if Removed" (hahaha)and the other that has the part number and what I assume is a serial number.

If you feel them both you will feel a small screw under each sticker that you need to take out. I used a tiny flat head to peel the sticker out of the way of the screw but leave it in tact.

Remove both screws and the cover that they are closest to will slide right off ...no prying is needed....prying will break the cover!


Answer 7 years ago

tkellyclt is correct, but it still didn't help me. Mine didn't slide off cleanly, and by the time I got it off several of the internal plastic tabs had broken. The key is that the plastic side piece (the bottom, I guess) closest to those screws slides directly back away from them.

Turns out mine had a SATA drive in it, much to my surprise. I expected an IDE drive. I'm still trying to decide whether that case would make a nice case for a really small computer. Need to spend some time looking at tiny motherboards.


10 years ago

Use a hammer, why do you think they named it Hammer Storage? I kidding. With my external hard drive I have had to pry the plastic shell apart, it had no screws. Use two flathead screwdrivers.


10 years ago

Screws are often hidden under those rubber feet. Many times external shells will also be held together by interlocking tabs or glue. Once all the screws are out, put a small flat-head screwdriver in between the panels and see if you can pry it open. Sometimes you can push the tabs down and open it without breaking any if you are careful.


10 years ago

Any rubber feet on it ? They often conceal screws !