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Does anyone know how to do topstitch faux leather upholstery? Answered

i' m toying around with upholstery and always wanted to learn technique to have this kinda effect. Can somebody point me to where i can learn this ?



10 years ago

I believe this was done on a machine. To do something like this by hand on leather of very thick cloth you would have to use a sewing awl like in this video.
My first year out of high school I did leather lacing at home for fun and profit. The fancy lacing you see on cowboy belts, wallets holsters etc. A friend who taught me to lace did the hand stitching like in the photo above on saddles and he used a sewing awl among verious leather tools.


10 years ago

I believe they make the cover before putting it on the furniture. Or you can try using a curved upholstering needle. However it would be really hard to get it through leather or faux leather by hand...