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Does anyone know how to fix the battery connector on the motherboard of an Ipod? Trying to fix a 6th GEN. 80GB IPod. Answered

The 6pins that connect the board to the battery flex cable broke off. I have all 6 pins but not sure how to put them back on the board. I know I will probably have to sauder it but if anyone has done it and had success at it please let me know. Ipod works without battery if it is plugged into the wall charger and if you hook up external speakers it works, but there is no memory resume since there is no battery and I can't transfer my stuff off the harddrive onto my pc. I really need it to connect so that I can get my stuff off the drive. If you have any ideas to help me out or if you have done the 6pin deal please let me know. Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks Everyone!!! :-)


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11 years ago

the best you can do is remove any broken pins or remains from the board and solder a new connector (or a hacked replacement) a temporary (and a bit dangerous) hack you can do to rescue your stuff out is make 6 wires that touch (push against with some force) the points on the board and hold the wires with some hot glue (carefull so they dont short together or go to the wrong points). connect the other ends of them to the correct place on the battery