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Does anyone know how to hook up a 1930's wall phone to a modular cord? (so it's not fixed on the wall permanently)? Answered

I recently bought a Western Electric Model 202 with the original ringer box, and want it to hang on the wall, but be moveable, kinda like a picture frame. Thanks!



Best Answer 10 years ago

(my experience with some 1970s phone equipment. i dont know if there is significant difference wih 1930s phone) the wires used in modern phone are red and green connect them to the 2 wires of the phone. try both ways of + - (it does not matter with the phones i used but idk with really old ones) if there are more than 2 wires on the phone usually only 2 are needed. try all combinations if the mic is sealed metallic mushroom (thats what i saw in the 70s phones) and sounds bad on the other end of the line - take out the part and kick it on the floor lightly quickly several times to free the coal dust that stuck together inside


10 years ago

Post a picture of the back so we can see what it looks like? L