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Does anyone know how to interface the cc2500 IC module (manufactured by Texas Instruments) with a microcontroller? Answered

I have a ready P89V51 board ready for a wireless system I'm designing.. I've heard of the IC called cc2500 manufactured by Texas Instruments..Does anyone know how to interface the module to a microcontroller and how to program it? I'm going to use it for communication of the microcontroller with my PC... Please do post links where I can learn more about this IC and where I can buy the module of this IC..



Best Answer 10 years ago

Interesting project. I have no direct experience of that transceiver, but I am moderator of the forum at http://www.8052.com I suggest you post there what you are trying to achieve. How are you programming the P89V51 ? 'C' ? You'll need to know how to handle an SPI link to talk to the CC2500 by the look of it.


3 years ago

if any one know about the code of interfacing of cc22500 transceiver with pic controller plz help me


9 years ago

i am working on a similar project.please help me if you get some help.also i am trying to program the chip.if i get the solution i willpost here.


Answer 8 years ago

i m working on Pic18f4455 interfacing with cc2500 for wireless communication using spi. Is it possible to interface directly or 89v51 controller is necessary
plz help me.........