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Does anyone know how to program a repetative motion robot (see description)? Answered

This is mostly out of a theory and curiosity, but if I were to make a robotic arm and I wanted to make it do repetativve motions, how would I make It recognize/remember the movments and how would I make it perform them. It would be a direct teaching unit (meaning I would move the robot and it would remember the movments) so how would I make it run or hook it up to a computer and how would I program it with the direct teaching. If this impossible or extremeny difficult, please recommend a different technique. Please give me good, detailed instructions.



10 years ago

Let's see if I understand you. What you're looking for in a robot is one that follows a pattern set by manually moving the robot in the way that you want it to move. Is that right? There are toy and kit robots that do this. There are a few lab built robots that do this. A lot industrial robots could be made to do this. Here are the requirements: - A controller (ie. a computer or a microprocessor) capable of handling input and output from the robot. -Sensory input from any source that explains the position of the robot in a means the controller can understand. This could be feedback from servos, a webcam image of the robot, or one of a hundred other solutions. -A program on the controller that records the input, processes it into a set of instructions which will move the robot, and sends it to the robot as a command to do so. Unfortunatly, this is a VERY broad topic... You're going to need to narrow it down before you procede. What kind of robot do you want to build? How much time and money can you invest? What materials are available to you? What tools do you have? All these questions will be important in determining your next step, and in getting help to do so.