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Does anyone know how to wire up a STK4121II 2-CHANNEL AF POWER AMP? Answered

I have a spare STK4121ii amp chip, and i want to know how to use it, any ideas / desgins welcome thanks for any help given


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Best Answer 10 years ago

As always, hunt down the datasheet.  Here is one:


However, that is an old lower quality amp chip compared to modern ones, I highly recommend that if spending the time and money to make an amp, you instead just buy a new amp chip.  Trust me it is worth the money to get something newer, check the TI or National Semiconductor websites where you can browse to their analog audio amp selector which lets you pick the parameters you want for your intended use and other specifics.

Otherwise, the amp chip hooks up pretty typically, you just need to use a similar circuit as most common amp chips and see datasheet for voltage and current requirements per your needed output, what gain it needs if not fixed gain, etc.  There just isn't a way to write only a few paragraphs and tell you all you might need to know to go from having a chip to having it in a properly working amplifier, based on your question before you start the project you have many dozens of hours of electronics learning to do, or else you can just copy someone else's chipamp design and tweak it where needed to make the chip you have work within its functional parameters.