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Does anyone know of a cheap touch sensitive button? Answered


I am wanting to replace a keyboards buttons with touch responsive ones, and as I am in capable of any cuircitry work, I wonder if any one here knows a cheap and reliable one that I can buy in the uk, and put in place of the buttons. It can be either capacitive or resistive, although I really dont want to have to punch the characters to get a response.

This is my first time posting here, and so I may have messed something up.



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7 years ago

That's not going to be very cheap, easy to build, or intuitive to use. If you have a smart phone try turning the haptic feedback off on the keyboard and then typing. It's weird and not as easy.
You are going to end up with a bunch of typing mistakes because every time you brush a key it will count it as a stroke. You will also lose precise timing on key presses because you will have to hover your fingers over the keys rather then resting them and knowing precisely in the stroke where the key activates. In the end it will take more effort and time to type on it than pushing a key.
If you really want a no feedback keyboard you can look into those laser projected keyboards which just project a keyboard onto a hard surface. Realistically I'd just find a keyboard with a short key stroke, if pushing a normal one's keys is too much effort.