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Does anyone know to make concrete or like material head planter for outdoor plants? Answered

Hello Wonderful, and Creative people,
I need your help in achieving the same or similar look to these terracotta/concrete planter, with an aged moss green patina, $85-$125 at HGTV Marketplace Ouch!!! I would like to use these for small outdoor plants! and achieve the same awesome look for less? I would appreciate any suggestions before embarking in uncharted waters. I was thinking of using those Styrofoam heads and cutting a hold big enough to accommodate a flower pot. What should I use to prep for water/weather proofing...paper Mache, shellac, paint and glue moss???
Please advice this novice.
Thank -U-much! Lilmama



8 years ago

Lilmama, did you succeed in making your own heads? If so please share!
Did you know you could use something like a mask to make these head shapes?
Maybe you can buy them at a party store. Just fill them up and let it sit for a few days. There are some very inspiring posts and pictures on this website too if you want to learn more about it.


Answer 9 years ago

Hi Lilmama, did you ever end up making these cool heads for the garden?  If so, can you share what you ended up doing?  I love this idea!