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Does anyone know where I can find plans to build a dirtsurfer or anything else related to one? Answered

I want to build a means of travel that is a little unique.



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I didn't know what a dirtsurfer was so I googled around a bit. It doesn't seem like a very complicated machine. If you look through a few sites I am sure that designing your own would be relatively simple. Between a pipe bender, a welding kit and some pieces of a bicycle you should be able to make a reasonable facsimile. This would also make it more unique :)

Sorry I can't be of much help though.

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Answer 8 years ago

First you would need to contact the inventor and advise him of your intentions. Then upon his approval you can go ahead and start building,. the cost to build one is around $483.00 once all of your materials are purchased and you have finalized the board.
Be very careful on your selection of Aluminum it requires a 7000 grade aluminum with a T6 hardness. Any other material will wind up bending improperly and result in it crumpeling in your first attempt at any jumps ...then its back to the drawing board..
That is the information that we have found from others who have inquired about building a Dirtsurfer on their own. Yep it can be done...best of luck to you..


7 years ago

There was an article written by a New Zealand magazine "The Shed" in May of 2010. They did a build on some homemade dirtsurfers, you can buy the article online for a few bucks. Here is a link: http://www.theshedmag.co.nz/online/-previous-articles/april-may-2010/194-make-your-own-dirtsurfer

I hope that is useful to you, I am working on a similar project and it took me a lot of time and research to find that.

The article was written by the school technology teacher, he did an entire shop class on how to build a dirtsurfer. Each of his students built one over during the 20week course. You can also use Google to look up the patent for the dirt surfer, it is publicly available.

Good Luck!