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Does anyone know where I can get Schrader valve sized pipe/tube? Answered

Being the evil little scientist that I am, I was thinking about building an airsoft gun similar to this - https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-500-fps-CO2-Airsoft-Gun - but shinier and a little more well built. My idea (for the basic gun structure/ mechanics) is to take some 7.7mm O.D./1.7mm Wall Thickness pipe and thread one end to fit into a female Schrader valve. I found the O.D. by just looking up schrader valve specs. on Wikipedia and the Wall thickness was found by the necessity to have a 6mm I.D. to fit the airsoft bbs. My question (actually questions) to you guys is
1. Where to get pipe like that
2. What type (brass, aluminum, etc.) would work
3. Would this - http://www.amazon.com/Slime-20088-4-Way-Tool-Valve/dp/B0020T17J2/ref=pd_sim_auto_2 - work for threading said pipe
4. Would this work?
Thank you for all of your answers and any other information pertaining to this project that would help me.



Best Answer 8 years ago

That's not a standard pipe measurement. The best I could find was 8 mm OD/6 mm ID (that's 1 mm wall thickness). Oh, in fact the wall thickness you want wouldn't be 1.7 mm, it's 0.85 mm (two walls across the diameter).

You probably need to know your pressure specifications in order to choose pipe or tubing which is strong enough. Take a look at McMaster-Carr, and you can go though their catalog navigation to narrow down your choices.


8 years ago

Any number of distributors might have what you need. If you're in the USA or Canada, try Mc Master. Great company. They're willing to ship parts with low dollar numbers attached, (AFAIK, they have no minimum...the last time I purchases something, it was four metric screws @ 4/12" long and they sent...~$5 purchase) and they have a good variety of schrader valves with male pipe thread, female pipe thread, or barb connections on the "other" end.

For instance, if you're looking for a bicycle type connection to the air source, here's one that has a bike/car tire connection on one end and a male pipe thread on the other >> http://www.mcmaster.com/#schrader-valves/=cxlhvc

and for the type often used with compressors and air tools
For industrial type schrader valves (hose fittings like you'd connect a hose to an air compressor), just type "schrader" into their search bar.


8 years ago

Just get something close and solder or braze a liberated valve seat from a tube
into the pipe, that means use a copper or brass tube.