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Does anyone know where or how to acquire cool or nice posters for bands or whatnot that's cheap or free? Answered

I really wanna make a collage on my ceiling of a bunch of cool posters but im kinda low on cash. ANY HELP IS WELCOMED! Thank you!




Best Answer 10 years ago

For every single show or event that I've seen advertised, without fail there are posters plastered everywhere, i can't imagine this would be that hard to collect, however if you are looking for pristine posters may try scoping out a real nice poster and simply asking for it when the event is over, like at your local coffee shop bulletin board, or art gallery lobby. Most of the time they are only too happy to get rid of it. Good luck!


10 years ago

A few ideas: Ask Events/Promoters/Leaflet distribution companies. Publishers often giveaway posters- check their websites. Government Departments, Charities and "Awareness Weeks" websites often have posters to giveaway on Food Hygiene, Road Safety, Bullying etc. Our local fair trade shop has loads of Traidcraft posters. Alternatively ask on Freecycle.