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Does anyone know where to find a stripped down houseboat? Answered

I'm looking to build a houseboat, and i was wondering if anyone knows where to find a stripped down platform. Basically, i am looking for pontoons and a deck to build on top of, so that i can customize the house portion of the houseboat. Does anyone know where to look for one of these? preferably near San Diego?


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11 years ago

Yes. There is a non-profit group on Ebay that sell donated boats. Some sell for next to nothing, and they are always listing new boats. You have to check in often to see what is selling. I've seen a huge, beautiful old yacht sell for 1495.00, but the catch is you have to pick it up from the location it is being docked. People donate from all over the US so the locations vary. You can check it out herehttp://myworld.ebay.com/ebaymotors/boatangelministries/
Also, I wanted to add that I'm in no way connected with this group. I'm watching their site because I'm searching for a good deal myself on a hull.
Good luck with your boat venture!