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Does anyone knows how to fabricate a power adapter for a DELL Inspiron 8100 Laptop?Help!? Answered

My DELL Inspiron 8100 power adapter is long gone and i've been scouring around to buy one unfortunately i failed so I've been thingking maybe i could ask the community in Instructales for advice.I someone is their very inventive who could impart his ingenuity to as a pity.




10 years ago

Googling around it seems like you need a power supply that can provide:

  • 20v DV
  • 4.5 amps or better.

So you could check your junk drawer and see if you have an old power supply that can provide that.

Not sure what kind of plug you need on the end. That's the tricky part, since there is really no standard.

However when Googling around I also found that you could get a real Inspiron 8100 power adapter for about $20 including shipping from a number of sources. I'd go with that.

10 years ago

You can buy generic laptop PSUs for a few dollars there is no magic about a Dell one. If you're in the UK, Maplin have a good range.