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Does anyone out there have advice on how to avoid cloudiness on mirror tile when sealing grout on mosaics? Answered

I have tried denatured alcohol on removing the cloudiness from the mirror tile but it doesn't work well. I try to critique my own work and I'm hating that this happens whether or not I back off with the sealer or not. Help, please?



8 years ago

With something that has a mirror finish. I'd be inclined to apply masking tape to the edge of the tile, just inside the grout line, prior to installation, so that the grout doesn't act as an abrasive. Peel the tape back when the grouting is finished.

If it's just a film of leftover grouting material, then Burf and Steve have the likely answer


8 years ago

I agree with Burf, a dilute acid, like White Vinegar will clear it.



8 years ago

So, do you think, Alcohol may have permanently clouded your tile mirrors ?
Or did you try it on only a few tiles.
Or could the grouting sealer havs added micro scratches to the mirrors.
Finally a temperature difference and humidity can cloud your issue.



8 years ago

When wiping off the excess grout use lots of clean water and keep your sponges rinsed well. I always rotate three or four sponges on larger jobs.

After the grout has cured, use a 50-50 mix of white vinegar and water to clean any missed areas.