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Does she like me or just playing around with me? Answered

I met her on facebook coz we're from da same country ^^.
I invited her out for moon festival night couple days ago. We had really nice conversation. She said that she doesnt like soccer and anyone who doing IT. But im that kind of person....I love soccer and Im studying computer science as well.
However, last night she txted me n asked me about my soccer game today....Why? I thought she doesnt like soccer but why she still wanna come.
Today she asked me about my age n I didnt wanna tell her....she said that she knew Im younger than her n she doesnt like to be gf of any1 who younger than her....Why?
But she's still talking to me in usual and telling everyfing about herself....



8 years ago

I understand that you're assuming she is a girl. Could be anyone for that matter. Adding random people on facebook is something that just will never happen for me 'cause I don't want to get scammed.


8 years ago

IMHO Just playing around. How would anyone else know??

PS If she sees this she may be able to guess your age from the way you write

I see you have serial girl problems.


8 years ago

First off, kudos to narrowing your selection of the potential dating pool to the same country.

Secondly, have you given much thought to what you like about this girl? Is it just the fact that she likes you that makes you interested?

Right now, I don't see anything about her that is that stellar. Here's my advice: Buy her dinner sometime (some place classy like Red Lobster). That way you can get to know her better and see if this is someone you can see a future with. Good luck!