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Does someone make a wireless receiver that I can plug into a CAT5 cable input? Answered

My Sony TV is internet capable but does not have a wirless receiver, it does however have a CAT5 input.  Does someone make a wireless receiver that I can plug into my CAT5 input?   I don't want to replace the TV and I'd rather not run a cable through the house.

The TV is a Sony Bravia and I have a Lynksys 802.11g router.



8 years ago

It's called a wireless access point. It connects to your wireless and then provides you a CAT 5 connection to it.

This is a relatively inexpensive one that I have used for a number of situations.


These can be used as a bridge and also a network extender. I set up a bridge with these same models to jump wireless across a road and connect a home to a business so they could use their DSL. It's been in place for several years and the biggest problem I have had is the guy keeps forgetting his password every time someone wants to hook up to it. I had him write it down and he lost that too. They work great and are easy to configure.


8 years ago

Find another cheap router somewhere, set it up as a "bridge" , and connect it to the TV with a cat5.

You can pick up routers for 30 USD on Ebay - Netgear are very good. I swear by mine, I swear AT Linksys.....