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Does using a web host make you show up in google? Answered

I was thinking about building a website and hosting it at webhostinghub... but I need to know how to get shown up in google (if you search the persons name, etc)... Will the host do this or do I have to go through some other method? Im not sure, Ive been reading about it but I keep getting more confused :)




7 years ago

When it comes to Google only they decide which sites end up on the top see you and who is available through them. We cannot guarantee the results that Google provides, but we do provide you with tools to enhance your site for SEO

The above is directly from one of webhostinghub.com's sales people. I would add that you could use ad words, which assuming you pay them enough, google will add you to the top of the page when someone searches for one of your keywords.

Any site that will guarantee that you are at the top is misleading you, but some companies will pay for your ad words, but it would probably be cheaper for you to use webhostinghub.com and pay for the ad words yourself.

Hope this helps! :)


Answer 7 years ago

Not really... basically that just means that they are trying to be more effective about what sites are most relevant to the search text, but basically how you get to the top is when people click on your link after searching a specific text. Also, the more rare your site is, the more likely people will be able to find it. What I mean is this:
If your site is about food, and someone searches food, more than likely unless you are using ad words, your link will be pretty far down the list. (Granted it is there, just really far down... but I only go through 4 pages of results at most when I search for a site, so if you are on page 255, I'm never going to find you.)

But if your site is about purple hot dogs, then there probably aren't a whole lot of sites similar to yours, so you have less competition to get to the top. (Granted, it's a messed up system, but it's designed to make money. Google did not spend millions of dollars just to be a good Samaritan.)

I think that with the services that webhostinghub.com offers, they are going to be as likely to get you to the top as any other host. If you want to pay for ad words, you have a better chance of getting to the top, no matter what host you use.


7 years ago

The old-school way was to submit pages to search engines, hosting used to advertise that they would do that for you...
Check the hosting package, e-mail the service-provider.