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Doesnt a left rear axle mounted trailer hitch present issues when turning right? Answered

It seems to me that a trailer hitch mounted to the rear left axle would be a hinderence when turning right. I would think the tow bar would hit the rear tire in a right turn.It seems to me that it would be more practical to have the hitch mounted in a similiar fashion to a standard automotive hitch,at the rear supported on both sides.Any thoughts?


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10 years ago

You'd think if it was straight you'd have a problem - thankfully most are offset, and built with a bulge such that the anchor point is approached from a further distance, allowing the trailer to pivot further during a right turn. You are correct. you can't do the usual 180 degree turn like you could without the trailer, but while you're moving, the sharpest turn you'd have to make is much more subtle.