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Dofus SAC Equipment Answered

Are you str or agility sac?

If you're using gob, I'd guess str.

Treeset or Crackler set are both good sets for sacrier.

Treechnid set cause of 8AP which will give you more room to sac/dancing sword/punishment/leek pies, increasing your buffs.

Tree set total bonuses are
63~150 Strength
9~12 Damage
20% Fire Weakness
20% Air Weakness
20% Resist earth
21~24% Resist neutral
2 AP
~1 MP
72~135 Life
1 Range
1 Summons

The -1MP doesn't matter so much because of attraction. You can get this at level 45.

Crackler set is good cause of the reduction, means you'll take no damage from your buffs. It also give vitality instead of life, which is always a bonus for a sac.

Crackler set total bonuses are
55~130 Strength
6~60 Vitality
2~25 Wisdom
1~20 Agility
1~10% Damage
1~5 Critical Hit
1%~5% Resist air
2%~10% Resist earth
1%~5% Resist fire
15% Resist neutral
8~20 Magical reduction
9~25 Physical reduction
1~100 Initiative
1~10 Prospecting
1~300 Pods

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11 years ago

so what lvl r we suposed to be?