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Dog crate/protection/divider for boot of estate car - lower height to be covered by parcel shelf cover? Answered

Hi there

I'm looking to come up with a solution for the boot of my car so any suggestions you can come up with are welcome!  http://www.rica.org.uk/sites/default/files/cars/Boot/5035.jpg 

I have a Labrador and would like to have a divider/container for him in this boot, so effectively one side of it would be 'his'.  I would like to have the parcel shelf/cover able to be down as per the photo so that anything in the other section can be hidden from prying eyes. 

The crate we have at home is too tall (26") and to get a crate with the right height (20") the crate would be much smaller in length and width and wouldn't be suitable for the dog especially when travelling long distances.

We had a pen for the garden when he was a pup but it's too tall also.

the dividers you can buy require a backseat grill effectively to be purchased alongside it so it attaches properly - adding cost and also losing my parcel shelf/cover capability.

Any suggestions folks?

Thanks in advance!



3 years ago

Building a crate to fit under the shelf and to one side would seem one way to go. There are places that will do bespoke crates http://www.dryfur.com/modify_your_kennel.htm or if you Google build dog crate you will get lots of build it yourself plans. I like the one from Skil because of the pocketing door, Google build dog crate skil.


Answer 3 years ago

If you go with a purchased wire crate, you may be able to cut it down to 20 inches and reassemble it with cable ties, kind of like this example.


Make certain there are no sharp edges/points left from cutting the wire. Also, as the video says, make sure you cut the cable ties squarely to prevent sharp points.


3 years ago

Here is what I was thinking of doing.


3 years ago

A trip to a hardware store will buy you some horse fencing wire - This is a square mesh about 4 inches across.

You can cut it to fit the boot and then edge it with either pipe lagging or pool noodle

if you need to fix it you can strap it to the back seat head rest.

Pretty much what you get if you buy a dog screen.