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Dog hydrotherapy pool? Answered

Has anyone attempted to make their own hydrotherapy pool for a dog? The vet has one--it's a big boxy thing, portable (in theory), and has water jets to simulate a lap pool/endless pool. I want to try to make one myself...any suggestions?



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8 months ago

I was just looking on the site at a raised garden bed made with plastic 55 gal drums cut in half lengthwise with a stand made from 2x4 and 4x4. I have also been looking at different options for this very same reason and until I saw this idea I was about to order a plastic rectangle-shaped container on steel legs from Lowe's at a reasonable price. But I like the idea of the drums on wooden stand because I can easily add an upright on each side to attach a harness so my small dog would be fixed in place treading water. If you search on this site for RushFan or DanPro you'll see what I mean. Good luck.