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Don't keep rats as pet ! Answered

When my brother decided to travel around the country, he has been forced to leave the white rat he kept as pet ... and I've been forced to adopt this little animal.

Rats as pets quickly become cute, funny, and show a personality that make them even more endearing ... In other words, "la souris" (the mouse), as I renamed it because I was unable to remember the name my bro gave her formerly, quickly found her place in my home and my life.

So, happy end ??

No !

No, because rats pets quickly develop lot of weird diseases :
- dermatitis
- mange
- bumble feet
- cysts
- tumors
- etc
- and various infections and self-injuries because the rat scratches or bites itself because of one or several of the above diseases.

The health and the life of your rat will quickly become a nightmare, and, if like me, you tend to consider your pets like full members of your family, your rat pet will become a great source of worries ... and if you're not cruel, you'll be forced to give an end to its agony. Because that's a real slow and cruel agony.

Most people who adopt a rat as pet seems not to be aware of all the problems this little animal will have, neither how expensive it will be to look after it.
The internet is full of sites dedicated to the diseases of rats pet.

My advice : If you love pets, don't adopt or give a rat as pet !

20080225 update :
Despite what I said, if you still want to adopt a rat, then, you should better document yourself a lot before commitment.
Member Please wrote a tiny instructable about How to take care of a rat the right way. She is a breeder, so you could ask her as much questions as you need.

20080226 update :
She also wrote two other very useful articles :
avoid bad diseases for your pet rat
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