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Don't know how to change the default image (that everyone sees) to a better one. (same for 2 instructables) Answered

I have 2 instructables about my lungfish hydroponics concept, one video and one step by step.  I used a screenshot from the video to start both but now, even though it is no longer in the start page of the step by step, it is still what everybody sees.!   I have a much better image to introduce it and have even deleted that old image from the instructable but it still shows as the start point for the step by step. That is very annoying. What can I do? Either of the below images help explain what is going on, even if the user never looks at my instructable.  So I much prefer if one of those is seen by the ordinary man in the street.  Thanks Brian


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7 years ago

You ought to move this to Bugs.