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Doodle with Pattern Background Answered

So I had a problem choosing a pattern that I was going to decorate a notebook with. I looked up patterns and designs on Google images, but most were either all too complicated or just not appealing to me. So I decided to create my own design.
I had a few guidelines for the design:
1. It had to reflect my personality somehow.
2. It can't be too complicated
3. I had to like it, of course.

I looked around for inspiration on Google and Ikea, and found this design where it was a feather with stripes surrounded by lines, circles, and curves. And it hit me, a picture surrounded by different patterns. Since I'm Asian, I immediately thought of a cute panda. Then, I google searched a tutorial for a panda, drew it, and behold, a panda! After that, I thought that it needed more, so I started drawing random ovals behind it. The ovals looked too plain so I thought about adding more, with patterns! I drew a variety of patterns in the ovals/circles and the picture is my result.

If you look close enough you can see my other attempted patterns on the back of the paper, including feathers and toast. I'm just random like that.

Pip pip toodley doo!


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8 years ago

Cute! You should make an ible for this.


Reply 8 years ago

Thanks! :) I tried, but it didn't count. There's not much to it anyways.